I am a new patient, what is the best way to make book an appointment for my pet?

The best way to book a new appointment is by calling our clinic directly. We want to ensure that we are clear about your pet’s needs and that we collect all the necessary information on our end to properly treat your pet. You can give us a call at 404-584-7478.

I am concerned my pet is becoming a senior. Does he/she have any special needs?

Yes, your pet ages more rapidly than a human. Depending on your pet’s breed it can be considered geriatric between 4 and 7 years of age. As people age, diet, exer-cise, and routine medical care is very important for their health. These are also im-portant for your pet’s health.

I have been told my pet needs its teeth cleaned regularly. Is this really that important?

The tartar and staining on your pet’s teeth actually contains bacteria. Left untreat-ed, it can cause premature periodontal disease, heart disease, liver disease, and kidney failure. Dental care is important for a long, healthy life.

Does my pet need an examination every year?

Yes, the most important thing other than food, water, and love is to provide pre-ventative health care for your pet. Annual examinations, and biannual examina-tions in seniors, will help to detect problems early so they can be managed before they become serious and potentially shorten your pet’s life. The annual examina-tion is also the time for you to discuss any concerns with the veterinarian and dis-cuss your pet’s wellness plan. Make sure you stay up-to-date with our upcoming special offers to receive discounts on your pet’s exams.

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