Apr 14, 2016 | | Atlanta, GA
Client’s rating: 5 of 5

I have been bringing my pets to the Ark since 2012. I have many stories I could share with you about how good the Ark animal hospital has been to my dogs and I. Nevertheless, I will share this one, it all about Gabby my new dog. Gabby came to me through someone who could no longer care for her. I took on the responsibility as temporary care-giver with the hopes that they would one day resume their responsibilities. After keeping Gabby in my home for a while I noticed she was itching and scratching. I knew it was time to take her to the Ark. I asked the owner to set up an account with the Ark to initiate regular treatment for Gabby. Needless to say it had been while since she had vaccinations therefore Gabby needed everything. The owners opened up a care-credit account and was not pleased with the first bill from the vet. However they paid it, after six months it was time for Gabby to return to the Ark wherein I paid for Gabby’s treatment this time. As time moved on, over one year later I steal have Gabby in my care, vaccinations were past due, I’d been purchasing flea control, and other med’s from the Ark when needed. By this time I am totally smitten with love for Gabby. When I asked the owner to add me to the account they were concerned that they would get another large bill. Tell me, what do you expect when you don’t take her in for regular checks. To make a long story short, I assumed responsibility for the bill. Thanks to the Ark, I am now the owner of Gabby. They helped me get the necessary approvals I needed from the previous owner to make Gabby all mine. There were many people involved in this process since, I could not pay the bill after service had been rendered to Gabby. I was surprised my old care-credit card account was closed so I had to leave the clinic without paying. The Ark staff was very supportive, understanding and followed up with making sure this issue with Gabby and who would be her rightful owner was resolved. My husband and I were able to resolve the issue with the bill. Looking forward to continuing my relationship with Gabby and the wonderful people employed at the Ark animal hospital. SASimply Awesome,

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